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The Fall and Rise of Wind Power in the UK: From 1998

1998: UK planning system was blamed for the worst year the Industry had known

1998 Sustainability North East (Sustaine) was established. The Sustaine Board is supported by an Officers Group made up from representatives from GO-NE, ONE, NEA, Environment Agency, Derwentside District Council, Gateshead Council, English Nature and Northumbria University

1999 Feb : Dismal year in the UK as the planning infrastruction fails,

1999 Dec: Legal planning defeat for wind in NE England

2000 Mar: Planning hurdles defeat the Wind Industry.

2001 Mar : Dti Press Release(P/2001/176 ) Hain grants Freedom for Green Energy.22/03/2001 Peter Hain, Energy Minister, today unlocked green energy projects blocked by planning constraints, to drive forward a significant expansion in the production of green energy

2001 Letter from Nick Raynsford, Minister for Housing and Planning, to the (Association of North East Councils) ANEC, then Regional Planning body and author of the draft Regional Planning Guidance (RPG )strategy. Extract :"Further work needs to be undertaken by ANEC to set a more specific regional target and identifying sub-regional targets by the early review of RPG. This will ensure the government's target of 10% of electricity to be generated from renewable sources by 2010.

2002 'The energy market, particularly for renewable energy , is a political beast under political control. To secure its future the Wind Industry must play politics.' (Sourced from: Wind Power Monthly www.wpm.co.nz)

2002 Nov Energy Minister, Brian Wilson announced the members of the new Renewables Advisory Board

2002 The Renewables Obligation was introduced to replace NFFO (Non-Fossil Fuel Obligation)

2002 Regional Planning Guidance (RPG) provides a strategic planning policy framework for the preparation of local plans. The Deputy Prime Minister issued RPG1, which provides guidance for the North East of England

2005 Yvette Cooper, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the ODPM launches parliamentary guide to wind farm development (Produced in association with npower renewables and the BWEA).

         The recent exponential rise of planning applications for wind farms is an incredible story.

Partial truths and selected statistics add to the deception as it appears that Planners and Councillors throughout the whole country are being deluded into accepting wind turbines to combat climate change.


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