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28 June 2006             dti Noise Report to update ETSU- R -97   W45006560000

The report recommends, ETSU-R-97 be revisited. This will assess and apply a correction where aerodynamic modulation is a clearly audible feature. It is intended that the final report and recommendations be published in Autumn 2006

Comment; Until an official government document is available local authorities and the Inspectorate have no choice but to make decisions based on the flawed and outdated ETSU-R-97 as recommended in PPS22. PPS22 para 22 “ The1997 report by ETSU for the Department of Trade and Industry should be used to assess and rate noise from wind energy development”


Dti energy review

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Renewable Obligations

BWEA list four  points for the government to consider.. Briefly they are awarding costs to developers

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11 July 2006   Energy Review http://www.dti.gov.uk/energy/review/

Comment; Appendix D is intended to be a material consideration in renewable planning cases, and it appears will in its present form, make it very difficult for the planning system to correctly balance impact and benefit.

Note page 23 of BWEA submission to the consultation document.  BWEA list four  points for the government to consider.. Briefly they are

Awarding costs to developers

Introducing a range of targets for the decision making process

Publishing lists as to how LPA’s perform

Giving developers a right to a public inquiry in Section 36 cases

 Comment: This would impose a tremendous burden on LPA’s and seems to further destroy the balancing act so essential to good planning and democracy.

From energy review, consultations and responses  @ para102

 concerns were raised that pressure from economic development were allowing excessive development of onshore wind. potential investors were concerned that new technologies needed support beyond the early research and development stage to ensure investor confidence could be sustained.

The Energy Review is a green paper and open for consultation.



Energy review dti Review Obligations

Framework policy for renewables

Renewables Obligations need revision

Deeply Flawed

17 Jul 2006 ' Deeply flawed' Renewables Obligations need revision says Carbon Trust)

A drastic overhaul of the existing Renewables Obligation system is needed to redress weighting in favour of onshore wind power and landfill gas, according to climate change quango the Carbon Trust. More incentives are needed to build offshore windfarms, says the Carbon Trust

Comment: The Government must explain clearly to the consumers, who pay for it, exactly how the Renewables Obligation operates and in terms they can relate to. To place the emphasis on 'obligation' as Government and developers have done is surely misleading


e.g. Walkway Windfarm Sedgefield in the PM’s constituency  

The Operator would expect to receive approximately £3 million a year in hidden subsidy (i.e. ROCs).