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It seems that the next stage was an attempt to 'involve communities'

Stemming from the Planning & Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 (P&CPA 2004) are the Local Development Frameworks (LDFs) Within these is a strategy for public consultation-The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI)

Dti. It's Only Natural Campaign Dti, BWEA funded, regional workshops BWEA Embrace Campaign (including a letter from Chris Tarrant)

Details of the above measures are in Force10 CG Introduction of the Renewables Obligation (RO), at 3.0% increasing to 15.4% in 2015-16.

However, only the RO appeared to have had the desired effect. That is no surprise as its purpose was to kick start the market once the targets had been set.

An aggressive counter campaign as suggested by Lyn Harrison, Wind Power Monthly Editor, Sept.2004

How was the deception and delusion to be sustained? The Delusion

I question too the wealth of 'postive literature' produced which surely give a false impression of the state of play. At the time of writing they would be an accurate assessment but to not 'update' those applications which do not progress as hoped seems to serve to delude and further deceive the public as to the reality of the situation.

It appeared a desperate situation was developing, calling for desperate measures.

Methods needed to be devised to 'inform' decision makers and assessors in order to revive the Industry. Below are some of the measures taken in an attempt to 'inform' Councillors and Planners, the decision makers.


EDF Northern Offshore



Regional Workshops run by The Environment Council

Renewable Energy and Community Involvement. Developed around PPS22, they were said to be aimed at helping those at regional and local levels build their capacity for effective community involvement. The workshops were jointly funded by Dti and Renewable Energy Systems Group.(RES)

"Whilst Tony Blair promotes global action on Climate Change, The Environment

Council has been helping address key issues at local level. From The Environmental Council Project Report. I make no apology for re-iterating this statement as it is typical of the way references to the Prime Minister could suggest he is closely involved.

The Environment Council introduced the South West Protocol, which outlined the principles for Effective Public Engagement more below*

The workshops were said to be a great success and an invaluable introduction to community engagement and its applications. I comment on the only one I attended, the Newcastle workshop.

However it presupposed there were no disbenefits from wind

Westminster Briefing

Involving Communities Westminster Briefing