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Liz Mann 1933 - 2017

Was a tireless campaigner and formidable opponent of wind-farm development in areas of natural beauty.  

She died at the age of 84, in May 2017 leaving behind a wonderful environmental legacy.  A member of CPRE Durham from the 1990s onwards and her work fighting, and helping others fight, inappropriate wind turbine applications was legendary.  

A scientific civil servant in the 1950s and maths teacher from the 60s to the 80s at Haughton Secondary School and Hummersknott Comprehensive School in Darlington.  Married to Stanley, who predeceased her, she leaves a daughter Claire, and son Dave.

High Court Battle

Gaining national significance when she took the battle over proposed wind turbines on Barningham Moor, Teesdale, to the High Court and won.  

That ruling set the precedence that landscape was an important factor when considering applications.

Today that legacy can be seen when you look out across the moors from Bowes Museum and see only moors - not a turbine in sight.

Claire recalled how much the High Court battle meant to her mother.

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"She was convinced the case would be won and was vindicated when it was.  "We were so happy about that, not least because she loved being out in the countryside and her work for CPRE meant an awful lot to her.  "She was thrilled that she was able to protect the beauty of the high moors around the Barnard Castle area.

Graeme Anderson

"She was prepared to put her home up for collateral in order to ensure that the court battle was seen through to the end," Claire noted.  - "She really did risk everything.  "But then she was a former maths teacher, had done her sums and was able to demonstrate that among other things, the Government's own figures did not add up.